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A candidate who wants to be admitted into ECWA Staff School must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The child must be six or seven years old.
  • The child must pass the diagnostic test administered.
  • A transferred pupil would be tested using the ACE diagnostic Test Result in some selected subjects.


  • At least be in primary 5
  • Be at least eleven years of age by December of the year of admission. Under-aged candidates would be disqualified even if they pass.
  • Must pay an initial deposit within the stipulated time or forfeit the admission.


School fees: Parents are expected to pay a stipulated amount as school fees (through the bank) for the day to day running of the school. This amount is expected to be paid before resumption.
Pocket Money: Parents are expected to deposit a stipulated amount of money in a special account for students. Withdrawal cards are issued to students and withdrawals are made through application. Only the approved amount is given to students weekly.

Boys: Blue polyester nylon trousers with blue check shirts with blue collar and sleeve (short sleeve for juniors) with school badge sewn on the left-hand side of the chest; plain brown or black rectangular silver buckle belts.
Girls: blue polyester nylon ‘A’ – line skirts without flares, accents, or slits with blue check shirks with blue collar and sleeve (short sleeve for juniors) with school badge sewn on the left hand side of the chest. Only pin earrings are allowed.
Cardigans: Blue cardigans with white stripes half way across the front, at cuffs and neckline; pull- overs of same colours and stripes. Head warmers that match school cardigans are allowed.
Foot wears: Black court shoes (without designs) for classes with pure white socks.


Boys: Navy blue trousers, check shirt with blue collar.
Girls: Short sleeve (not sleeveless) check gown below knee level.


Boys: House colour vests and shorts/track suits
Girls: House colour vests and skirts/track suits
Footwear: White canvas and white socks              


Boys: White on white shirt and trousers with school blazer
Girls: White gowns below knee level with school blazer and white head tie
Footwear: Black court shoes (without designs) with pure white socks


All boarders are expected to report back to school on the Saturday of resumption or any approved day by the school with receipts or tellers as evidence of fees payment.
All uniforms for new students are supplied by the school. Returning students will present their uniforms to the registration officers for checking to ensure compliance with approved style.
Grooming items, provisions and other required items: The school issues out a list of types and quantities of these items to be brought to school. They are all checked on resumption.